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Testimonials Archive | Amy Beard MD

More energy, excited for life again, no more brain fog, and lost 15 pounds!

I followed Dr. Amy Beard on Facebook and agreed with the information she was sharing. I started to get to the end of my rope with feeling tired all the time. It was affecting my relationships and generally mental well-being. I am not a proponent of standard medicine, so when I decided it was time […]

Shannon, Functional Medicine Client and Amy’s Total Gut Job Participant

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Finally weaned PPIs and improved my gut health

I want to thank you for helping me to successfully wean myself of of PPI’s and improve my gut health. I have been desperate for years and wasted thousands of dollars on unsuccessful attempts (stretta procedure) guided by my gastroenterologist to no avail. I am finally free of those medications and better yet, I have […]

Paula, Functional Medicine Client

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I came as a very complicated case...the experience has been life-changing

Dr. Beard and her team have been amazing. The experience of the Total Gut Job as well as the functional medicine services I have received in addition have truly been life-changing for me. I came to them as a very complicated case, with much to learn about my health. Health is truly influenced by so […]

Andrew, Amy’s Total Gut Job Participant and Functional Medicine Client

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Improved my thyroid function, helped me lose weight, and completely improved my plantar fasciitis

I started working with Dr. Beard in August of 2022. Since that time I’ve learned how to eat “clean” which has drastically improved my thyroid function, helped me lose weight, and completely improved my plantar fasciitis. I’ve learned so much about gut health and the role our gut plays in our overall health. Her supplements […]

Karlyn, Functional Medicine Client and Amy’s Total Gut Job Participant

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We figured out the root cause of my thyroid issues

The primary reason I came to Dr Beard was issues with my thyroid. I was frustrated with the traditional medical system not really concerned with trying to figure out what was causing my thyroid issues that really came out of nowhere.  Dr Beard and my health coach were very attentive to all of my concerns […]

Jason, Functional Medicine Client

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Wish I'd had this 20 years ago!

I just wanted to let you know that I am beyond thrilled to have Amy Beard’s Living Well Course. Some time ago, I consulted with Dr. Amy and followed her advice, by trying the elimination diet because of stomach issues. By doing that, I discovered that there are some things that I cannot eat without […]

Jean, Functional Medicine Client and Live Well Course Participant

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My daughter doesn't have joint pain, stomach issues, or headaches anymore and her eczema is WAY better!

When my daughter was 12 years old, we began seeing Dr. Beard for concerns with her height and joint pain. In the western medicine/big pharma world, she needed referrals to a rheumatologist, endocrinologist, and dermatologist. We wanted to go the functional medicine route. From my own personal experience, it is SIGNIFICANTLY more effective and healing. […]

Hallie & Mom, Functional Medicine Pediatric Client and Amy’s Total Gut Job for Kids Participant

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I felt confident I was HEARD, in good hands, and on a "healthy" health journey

My health journey began at 40 with a lot of prayer!! I had no support from my pcp or rheumatologist. Much to my own ignorance, I thought they would support gut health and diet changes for healing. I was very disappointed with blank stares and arrogant smirks. I left their offices in tears. I had […]

Jennifer, Functional Medicine Client

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My overall health has improved 100-fold

Immediately after hearing Dr. Mark Hyman speak in 2017, I scheduled a consult with Dr. Beard. I’ve been under her and the team’s care ever since. Upon healing my gut, identifying sensitivities, and overhauling my lifestyle, my overall health has improved 100-fold. My journey has not been all gumdrops and rainbows. That said I cannot fathom the […]

Michelle, Functional Medicine Client

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Live Well is absolutely amazing!

The Live Well guide and planner and course is absolutely amazing! This is such a valuable resource for physical and spiritual health. Amy is simply a wealth of knowledge and truly has a heart to help educate others with the ability to steward their health well. It is practical, full of useful information, and easy […]

Jenny, Live Well Course & Planner Participant

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My bloating is gone and now I have the energy to workout

As I got closer to my 50th Birthday my bloating got worse. Many trips to the doctor to see what could be the problem and nothing. Even worse, they pushed me off like it wasn’t a big deal and to get over it. I had been receiving Testosterone pellets for several years and they helped […]

Leslie, Amy’s Total Gut Job Participant

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All labs moved to the healthy range!

I would LOVE to share my POSITIVE experience and results with this group! I started the total gut plan in January 2023 with TERRIBLE liver enzymes results which is what brought me here. Doctors put the fear in me about what all could happen to my liver if I didn’t take action and lose weight. […]

Amy’s Total Gut Job Participant and Functional Medicine Client

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It works and is life-changing!

I’m about 6 weeks out of the elimination phase and got all of my labs back and they are soooo much better! I knew I felt so much better but having modern medicine/science confirm what I felt to be true was pretty exciting! All of my hormones (which literally were ALL out of whack) were […]

Hillary, Amy’s Total Gut Job Participant

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My Health improved, my faith became stronger, and my stress decreased!

The LiveWell planner was a God-send for me. Even after making changes to my diet & lifestyle, I  was at a point where I needed guidance. I felt this planner might be my answer & I was so right! It is well designed and so easy to follow. I own a business and literally work […]

Teresa, Live Well Course & Planner Participant

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Resolved itchy, swelling, redness on lips; More awareness of the effects of my diet

“I had a really good experience with functional medicine. I was having some issues with itchiness, swelling, and redness on my lips, and it had been misdiagnosed as HSV-1 in the past, but I had never had success treating it this way. After meeting with Hannah Tikson, I did the total gut job elimination diet, […]

Functional Medicine Client

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