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I came as a very complicated case...the experience has been life-changing

Dr. Beard and her team have been amazing. The experience of the Total Gut Job as well as the functional medicine services I have received in addition have truly been life-changing for me. I came to them as a very complicated case, with much to learn about my health. Health is truly influenced by so many factors and Dr. Beard’s program embraces all aspects, not just the physical, but also the mental, emotional, and spiritual. Working with them has allowed me to feel confident to ask questions, know that I am being listened to and know that we are both on the same team with the same motives, desiring to get to the root cause of my issues together. I have seen great practical results, and, in the ways I am still healing, I feel equipped to continue the journey forward. Would highly recommend!

Andrew, Amy’s Total Gut Job Participant and Functional Medicine Client