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Amy loves to help others overcome chronic health issues by helping them understand the root cause issues and achieve true freedom, physically and spiritually.

Meet Dr. Amy

Dr. Amy Beard is married to Paul Buch (retired industrial engineer; organic farmer & chef), and they have two spirited fur-babies: Beau and Bitty. They split time between Arkansas and Colorado, enjoying their garden while at home and hiking, biking, and adventuring when the mountains call.

Amy & Paul own, an online Functional Medicine practice that offers virtual appointments with Functional Medicine certified clinicians and coaches, all under Dr. Beard’s mentorship and oversight. In an effort to make Functional Medicine more accessible and affordable, they have developed several self-guided protocols for gut health, as well as other resources including a 3-month Functional Medicine course and planner.

Amy’s Story

My story didn’t have to span the course of several decades, nor did I have to suffer so many issues…if only I had understood the root causes of my problems.

My health journey began as a small child. I suffered from chronic ear and strep infections which were always treated with antibiotics. A few years later, I began having issues with constipation and hyperactivity. I even had to give up my favorite poodle, JoJo, because of my horrible allergies. I relied upon antihistamines heavily during most of my younger years. And as a teen, I struggled with cystic acne, IBS, anxiety, OCD, depression, and horrible “growing pains.”

Upon beginning college, my symptoms of depression, anxiety, acne, allergies, and IBS continued. I tried multiple antidepressants and IBS medications to no avail. Nothing made my problems go away. As the years progressed, so did my health issues. I developed Restless Leg Syndrome in my 20s while still battling with all the other problems. Once I hit my early 30s, the wheels began to fall off. Up until that time, I was still able to perform well in sporting competitions, and I breezed through college. But once I was fully engaged in medical school and then residency training, my health took a nosedive.


Unexplained Health Problems

Despite being surrounded by seasoned specialists and surgeons, the answers to why I was having so many issues could not be found. My IBS had become debilitating. Severe constipation ruled my life. I developed neuropathy in my feet and hands as well as severe muscle spasms that left me unable to move my neck for several days at a time. I was exhausted. Most of my joints ached constantly, and I would often pass out if I stood up too fast. The 80+ hour workweeks, 24-36 hour shifts, and my Diet Coke habit certainly weren’t helping matters. I was a mess.

Then came the MS diagnosis and the removal of all but 18 inches of my colon. Honestly, I was glad to see my colon go. It hated me, and I hated it. But the chronic diarrhea that remained left me feeling drained and fearful to venture too far from any restrooms. My GI tract was ruling my life. My colon surgeon assured me that everything would be back to normal within six months…But that didn’t happen. I remember praying to God many, many times, “Why, Lord? Why can’t I just be healthy for once?”

But now, I can see God’s goodness working to redeem decades of chronic health problems. I am very thankful that He brought a very special Functional Medicine doctor into my life many years ago. One brief, unplanned (and divine) meeting took me down a path that not only helped me reclaim my health, but also equipped me to help countless others.


Addressing the Root Cause

I am happy to say that I am now “cured.” The root cause of my problems was a very unhappy microbiome—major dysbiosis and “leaky gut.” I discovered that I had intolerances to wheat, whey, and eggs. And those Diet Cokes weren’t helping either. I made sure I got rid of toxic exposures–I discovered I had elevated mercury levels. A regular sleep schedule became a top priority. This was something very new to me. Once I addressed my diet, stress, sleep, and toxin exposures and began an intensive gut healing program, my symptoms quickly resolved.

I will be forever grateful for that chance meeting with Dr. Bischoff. Since that meeting, I have had the privilege of helping hundreds of patients improve the quality of their lives by uncovering and addressing the root cause(s) of their chronic problems. These patients, and their doctor (ME), are living happier and healthier lives because of a Functional Medicine approach.

God: The Ultimate Physician

More than anything, this all would be amiss if we ignored one major fundamental: God and His role in our health. He is the ultimate physician, coach, and healer. The guidance the Lord has provided me over the years while helping my patients (and during my own health struggles) has been invaluable. I encourage my patients to always seek our Father’s infinite wisdom and guidance during their health journeys. I’m praying that you will experience renewed health as you seek the Lord on your journey.

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Dr. Amy Beard offers online courses, a health planner, self-guided protocols, in addition to virtual Functional Medicine Consultations for clients across the United States.

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