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My bloating is gone and now I have the energy to workout

As I got closer to my 50th Birthday my bloating got worse. Many trips to the doctor to see what could be the problem and nothing. Even worse, they pushed me off like it wasn’t a big deal and to get over it. I had been receiving Testosterone pellets for several years and they helped with the menopause, but didn’t address the gut problems that I was having. So, I talked to people about it and my friend Emily recommended Dr Amy Beard. I made an appointment, signed up for the “Total Gut Job” and it has been life changing. It really wasn’t hard for me, I learned what to eat and how to prepare food that has nutritional value. I think it was a lot harder on the people around me, they just couldn’t understand why I would put myself through that kind of a change. I have never gone back to my old ways and I never will. After the gut job I actually had energy for an exercise routine which I have also stuck with.

None of this would have been possible without Dr Beard. I am so happy that she found another way to practice medicine, a way that addresses the root cause and does not throw a pill at me for everything. Dr Beard listened and addressed my problems and I am forever grateful to her for helping me.

Leslie, Amy’s Total Gut Job Participant