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More energy, excited for life again, no more brain fog, and lost 15 pounds!

I followed Dr. Amy Beard on Facebook and agreed with the information she was sharing. I started to get to the end of my rope with feeling tired all the time. It was affecting my relationships and generally mental well-being. I am not a proponent of standard medicine, so when I decided it was time to take care of my body, she was the first one I thought of. From the first conversation with Paul, I knew this was the right fit. We have the same beliefs that the body can heal itself. I’m almost 50, and wanted someone at least my age or older to be my health coach, so I was a bit perplexed as to who to ‘choose’ when I saw all her health coaches are younger than 40 🙂 I knew this was the journey I needed to be on, so I chose someone who seemed to be a good fit for me.

Memory was my girl and she and I have so much in common and she has so much information. She’s been on a similar journey and that helped me feel so comfortable along the way.  I shouldn’t have even questioned that age=wisdom, she has been amazing.  I learned through this journey that I’m a slow (mental) processor, she’d give me a suggestion, and I would balk a bit, then absorb it, and then do what she said and it ALWAYS proved to be the best way.

One of my hiccups was supplements. I didn’t want to do anything where I had to be on supplements forever. She assured me that that is not what this program entails. I did the protocol to a T, and have learned which supplements make me feel my best and which ones served their purpose and are there if I need them down the road. I also love the relaxed atmosphere we had, we both showed up to our zoom calls with dogs on our laps.

My physical change has been radical. With the protocol, my gut is so much better. I have followed the elimination food plan and haven’t added anything back but eggs and feel so so much better. I have no more brain fog and get normally tired. I’m excited for life again. I’ve been on different tours of my town, which I’ve wanted to do, but had NO energy to do. I’m more engaged with my kids because I have more energy.  Memory held my hand every step of the way and was so gentle and understanding. In the beginning it was  overwhelming to look at all the changes straight on, while struggling with fatigue, but she made me know that I wasn’t alone and that I can do this! And I did! I’ve lost about 15 pounds along the way and I’m starting exercising as well.I also started a new job in a brand new (to me) field and have had to learn so much, I would not have been able to do that before.  I know this is not the end of the journey, and that I have amazing support to continue.

Shannon, Functional Medicine Client and Amy’s Total Gut Job Participant