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All labs moved to the healthy range!

I would LOVE to share my POSITIVE experience and results with this group! I started the total gut plan in January 2023 with TERRIBLE liver enzymes results which is what brought me here. Doctors put the fear in me about what all could happen to my liver if I didn’t take action and lose weight. A friend of mine shared that she learned if you don’t have a gall bladder and do not take steps to address how the food is broken down then you are more susceptible to elevated liver enzymes. I have struggled with elevated liver enzymes since my gallbladder surgery in 2003 and NEVER heard that could be a contributing factor. Lab results from January 2023 to May 2023 have all shown continuous improvement and as of yesterday, my liver enzyme labs are completely normal! They have not been this good since 2019. The main medical advice has always been to see my gastro dr, lose weight, and eat a low-fat diet. I literally have only lost about 7-9lbs (not the 15lbs the dr kept saying I should lose) and all labs moved to the healthy range when I learned about and implemented true gut health. I am SUPER thankful that I took the plunge and jumped in because my mind, body, and spirit have not felt this good in YEARS! I learned so much from meeting with the doctor and my health coach. LOVE LOVE LOVE the support this program offers.

Amy’s Total Gut Job Participant and Functional Medicine Client