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My daughter doesn't have joint pain, stomach issues, or headaches anymore and her eczema is WAY better!

When my daughter was 12 years old, we began seeing Dr. Beard for concerns with her height and joint pain. In the western medicine/big pharma world, she needed referrals to a rheumatologist, endocrinologist, and dermatologist. We wanted to go the functional medicine route. From my own personal experience, it is SIGNIFICANTLY more effective and healing. We needed the root cause for things, not expensive tests and a list of medications to treat symptoms.

After filling out all of the paperwork regarding her history and issues, I realized that her gut was in such poor health. It made sense to me after I thought about all of the antibiotics, other medications, and the quality of food that we had been feeding her for 12 years. No wonder she had allergies, eczema, random stomach aches, headaches, constipation issues, and joint pain!!!! We did the kid version of the total gut job and did the functional medicine diet. Detox was difficult on her. Hannah, our health coach, was very supportive and so helpful!!!  During reintroduction, we learned that my daughter has food intolerances that were causing a lot of inflammation. Eating out, processed convenience food, etc. were also huge contributors. We are in a busy season of life. We batch cook on the weekends for lunch for the week. We pack lots of snacks and food for away game days. It’s not always easy. Hannah helped with food and snack ideas and was always an email away for questions and concerns!! My daughter does not have joint pain at all anymore, her ezcema is WAY better, no more stomach issues, no headaches, and Dr. Beard has helped with supplements for allergies.

Dr. Kinard, Dr. Beard, and Hannah were very encouraging and knowledgeable, even with a kid!  Dr. Beard is very much more affordable than any other FMDs. We are very pleased with the support we received and the results. I’m sure that we came out ahead financially and with WAAAY more answers and actual HEALING!

Hallie & Mom, Functional Medicine Pediatric Client and Amy’s Total Gut Job for Kids Participant