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Functional Medicine Expert

Helping you heal your gut, optimize your diet, balance hormones, reclaim energy, clear brain fog, reverse inflammation, and thrive!

About Dr. Amy Beard
  • Family Medicine Board Certified
  • Institute of Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner
  • Bredesen Certified
  • Dietitian
  • ER Physician

A root cause approach with a Christian worldview.

Get to know Dr. Amy

Dr. Amy Beard is a board certified Family Medicine physician, experienced ER physician, dietitian, and certified Functional Medicine practitioner. While her health issues began as a small child, it wasn’t until she was fully engaged in medical school and then residency training, that her health took a nosedive.

Despite being surrounded by seasoned specialists and surgeons, the answers to why she was having so many issues could not be found. One brief, unplanned (and divine) meeting with a very special Functional Medicine doctor took her down a path that not only helped her reclaim her health, but equipped her to help countless others do the same. Her health journey was also a spiritual journey. There’s no doubt that God prepared (and is still preparing) her to help others. He continues to use her lengthy and complicated health journey to not only help others understand the root causes of their health issues, but to also help others achieve true freedom, physically and spiritually.

Work With Us

Dr. Amy Beard offers online courses, a health planner, self-guided protocols, in addition to virtual Functional Medicine Consultations for clients across the United States.

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Functional Medicine Consultations

Reverse inflammation with

Amy’s Total Gut Job

A proven 8-week diet and supplement protocol to restore the gut and reverse total body inflammation.


Live Well Course & Planner

The first-ever health course & planner with a root-cause approach and Christian worldview.

Get to the root cause with customized care.

Functional Medicine Consultations

Reclaim your health with a team of certified (and compassionate) clinicians and coaches. Our team will help you investigate the root cause(s) of your symptoms, navigate treatment & testing options, and develop and implement comprehensive care plans so that you can reverse chronic symptoms – for good.

Learn How to Implement the 5 Rs to Heal the Gut and Reverse Inflammation

This is the information you wish your doctor knew about how your gut works and what it needs to thrive.