We’re really proud of the program we’ve put together. The most rewarding part, hands down, is hearing how our clients’ lives are impacted by this program. Below are some examples.

Increased energy, reduction in bloating & weight, and better hormonal balance

“For quite some time I have been struggling to live as fully as I once did due to Hypothyroidism and overall hormonal imbalance. Instead I was constantly seeking relief from fatigue, brain fog,  and hair loss. I am 40 years young, nowhere close to being ok with any of the above symptoms.

After recently receiving my thyroid lab panel followed by instruction to increase my medication, yet again, I knew it was time to make some significant lifestyle changes. Healing my gut and identifying the foods that could be contributing to the inflammation in my body was step number one.

In only 2.5 short weeks I am impressed with the increase in energy I have, the reduction of bloating/excess weight, the minimal congestion and mucous I normally suffer from each morning, and the decrease in headaches I generally live with monthly when my hormones levels fluctuate.

I could not be more pleased with Amy’s Total Gut Job program thus far. From the affordability to the supplements that help support the body throughout the process, the virtual community, and the detailed instruction given remotely, it made it extremely simple for me to move forward in this process and experience the results I have been longing for quite some time. I look forward to the continued results my body will experience in the remainder of this process. Thank you to the Amy Beard Team for all you do and all the healing you provide to so many.”

Learned how to eat properly and I feel amazing!

“I’ve always been intimidated by people that can be so disciplined to eat properly to heal their gut. I never thought I’d be able to be one of them. My excuses included: time, money, love of “trash” food, not educated in what I’d need to eat, etc. Eventually, my desire to feel better trumped my excuses. I made it a priority, and through this program, I learned how to eat properly as well as many other beneficial things for my overall health (body, mind, and soul)! And at no surprise to anyone that has done something like this, I feel amazing! Thank you, Hannah and Dr. Amy, for empowering me for not only my own health, but my family’s as well! It’ll impact generations to come!”

Done it twice, lost weight and strengthened my immune system

“Amy’s Total Gut Job is a great resource for anyone wishing to improve their overall health and to improve how they feel from day-to-day. I’ve done the protocol twice now, having kept 50 lbs off after the first time for over two years. I lost a little more this time (about 8 lbs), but I did it this time to strengthen my overall health and immune system, which it did. I’m very impressed with the strides made since the first time, now being totally online. It was easy to do, provided great support and coaching and Hannah and Amy were very encouraging and quick to respond to questions with capable help and suggestions. Very worthwhile.”

Lip irritation disappeared, felt better overall

“I had a really good experience with functional medicine. I was having some issues with itchiness, swelling, and redness on my lips, and it had been misdiagnosed as HSV-1 in the past, but I had never had success treating it this way. After meeting with Hannah Tikson, I did the total gut job elimination diet, and during the initial 30 days of this diet, I didn’t have the issues with my lips, which had been very common before. I realized with some external allergy testing as well as introducing foods back into my diet that there were a few foods that could cause the problems with my lips. Even outside of the lip problem that I started the diet for, I also became much more aware of the cause and effect between what I ate and how I felt. I noticed certain foods in larger quantities could cause minor stomach pains or slight acne issues. I learned to pay more attention to the effects of the food I was eating and to invest in higher quality food with limited additives. The gut job program also helped me to eat healthier by making me pay more attention to my food and the nutrients I need, and I realized I felt better overall by making a healthy diet a priority. In addition to diet, meetings with Hannah Tikson included discussions of exercise, stress, sleep, and more. The holistic approach to discussing health was really helpful for me to make sure I consider different aspects of my well being.”

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