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Antimicrobial Tea


Our antimicrobial tea plays an essential role in reestablishing the bacterial balance of your GI system. This tea is made up of a unique blend to target the bad bacteria from your GI system. All the ingredients included have evidence to classify them as natural antimicrobials or antifungals. Even though our tea is formulated to target bad bacteria, no antimicrobial is so specific that it will not also kill off good bacteria. Our antimicrobial tea, when taken in conjunction with a probiotic (at least 4 hours away from each other), is an effective way of rebalancing your GI bacteria. Dr. Beard’s Optimal Probiotic contains the probiotics needed to repopulate your GI system with beneficial bacteria and also contains Saccharomyces boulardii.  S. boulardii is particularly effective in transitioning your GI microbiome to a more beneficial bacterial balance.

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