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Amy Beard MD and Paul Buch

This podcast is all about empowering you to improve your health and quality of life and helping you be less dependent upon our current “sick care” medical system. A functional medicine physician, deprogramed dietitian, ER and family medicine doctor is joined by her engineer, farmer, chef husband to provide you with the knowledge and skills to reclaim your health and wellbeing, overcome and prevent chronic disease, and live healthier and happier lives. All areas impacting your health, from the farm to the exam table, are discussed.

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“I heard Dr. Beard during a Covid Summit a year or so ago. What she shared was so refreshing and confirmed what I was feeling about how to take care of yourself. Luckily, I found this podcast and loved every episode. I have shared it with all the friends I can and hope they too understand how much control they have over their own health if they’re just willing to do the work! I’m hoping there will be more episodes soon? Please keep doing what you’re doing–spreading the truth about self-care!”

Rich content, great personality, generous hearts

five stars

“Love Paul and Amy! Their mission to make Functional Medicine more accessible and affordable comes through in every podcast in really practical ways. Plus they’re so fun to listen to. Like sitting in their kitchen during dinner time – you’ll be sure to laugh and learn a lot!!”


five stars

“Amy Beard is a wonderful doctor with a wealth of knowledge! She’s not out to sell you products or make quick fixes, she’s on a mission to help you build a lifestyle that makes you feel incredible every single day! As someone who is working through a better approach to Hashimotos, and has dealt with symptoms for as long as I can remember (even on my prescription medication!) I can attest that her wisdom and training has transformed my nutrition, transformed my health, transformed my energy, and it’s still looking up from here. AND, not only have these changes been unfathomable to me, but I actually understand what’s happening in my body and why I’m doing what I’m doing. Amy is fully transparent, thorough, and ready to help you figure out the root causes so you can live life feeling better than you ever thought possible! Thank you, Amy!”

Make a change, make a difference

five stars

“Very informative and makes you stop and think about the reality of your lifestyle choices. If you want significant change, listen, then actively follow through for great results!”