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Amy’s Essentials Package

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Amy’s Essentials includes a one-month supply (one bottle each) of the supplements she takes every day: Foundation Plus Multivitamin, Optimal Probiotic, Enzyme Support, and Omega 3 EPA/DHA. This is a powerful combination for optimal GI function and overall health, offering high-quality support where our modern food supply and lifestyles fall short.

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A Note From Amy

Lots of people ask me what supplements I take. Well, it can vary, depending on the season and/or if life has thrown some curve balls…or I if I’ve slacked on my diet/gut health (this doesn’t happen nearly as much as it used to b/c feeling good is a top priority).
Basically, I take the supplements in this package every day. A quick word about my multivitamin…it’s not just your typical multivitamin. I formulated this one myself to include nutrients and botanicals for mitochondrial/immune/detox/adrenal support. These are nutrients, I feel, most of us need each day considering our modern day lifestyles. Instead of having patients buy 4-5 different supplements, I took it upon myself to make one that had it all. And it appears people find it as beneficial as I do because it’s our best seller.
The digestive enzymes and probiotics keep my gut health on track (this is not a replacement for a healthy diet!!). Be sure to take your enzymes 10-15 minutes PRIOR to your meals, otherwise it won’t do what it needs to do.
As far as the omega 3 fatty acids…I take 2-3g/day. If you ever experience easy bruising at those levels, cut back. If you are eating quality fatty fish and other foods high in omega 3s daily, then you can get by with a lower dose. From professional experience, most of you aren’t doing that.
I didn’t put our Vitamin D3/K2 supplement in the picture because I don’t take it all the time. Only during seasons when I don’t get the sun exposure I need to keep my levels between 70-90.