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Consultation with a Functional Medicine Health Coach

$150 / 60 minutes, $75 / 30 min

Our coaches empower patients to leverage lifestyle factors to restore balance and address the root cause(s) of their condition. Coaching sessions are customized to each patient’s unique condition, lifestyle and genetics, and may address diet and nutrient status, movement and physical activity, stress, sleep, gut health, imbalanced lives, mindfulness, and toxin exposures. Sometimes health coaching alone is enough to significantly improve or even resolve health problems so that no other services are needed.

Our health coaches are mentored and overseen by Dr. Beard and are trained to know when patients will best be served by a consultation with a Functional Medicine Clinician. Should your health problems not improve, or you do not reach your health goals with our health coaching services, a Functional Medicine consultation with one of our clinicians will be recommended. Unlike most health coaches, ours have direct access to all of our Functional Medicine Clinicians, including Dr. Beard. This allows for very valuable continuity of care that is so crucial for helping patients reach their health goals.