Consultations with a Functional Medicine Clinician

$300 / 60 minutes, $150 / 30 min, $75 / 15 min

*Time needed for consultations is dependent on the complexity of your health issues. Our practitioners and coaches can help determine the amount of time needed.

To accomplish the goal of uncovering and treating the root cause of chronic health issues, we use a team approach to provide cost-effective patient care. Dr. Beard works alongside our highly-trained clinicians, providing direction at all steps. Dr. Beard reviews all medical histories, reviews all lab results, and is heavily involved in subsequent decisions regarding treatments and therapies. It takes TIME to utilize a Functional Medicine approach and it’s our mission to make it affordable (roughly half the cost of the typical functional medicine consultation).


PRIVATE Consultations With Dr. Beard

$500 / 60 minutes, $250 / 30 min

The outcomes of working directly with Dr. Beard compared to utilizing the team approach with her oversight are the same. Private consultations with Dr. Beard are available for those who wish to work directly with her. The choice is yours.

Let's Get to the Root Cause, Together.

Receive Getting the Gut Right, my detailed guide on how to take the first step toward reclaiming your health by addressing gut health and function.

Functional Medicine solutions, education and resources to empower you on your journey to abundant health.

Work with Dr. Beard and Her Team

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