Paul Buch, BS

Food Sourcing and Traditional Cooking Techniques

I grew up learning farming, gardening, cooking and “old school” practical knowledge from my mother. For thousands of years mothers and grandmothers passed on their knowledge to their daughters and sons. That changed dramatically in the last 100 years, for the worse.

After graduating from Georgia Tech with a degree in Industrial Engineering, I worked in the corporate world traveling extensively. I worked overseas in both Europe and India. After 15 years I had had enough of corporate life. I bought a 500-acre farm in NW Arkansas where for 10 years I raised pasture-only beef, goat, sheep, and poultry. I also had a commercial organic greenhouse with aquaculture, hoop houses, and many raised beds. My focus was on quality, and my mantra was “you are what you eat eats.”

My farm-to-table experience is a little more complete than most. On my farm I germinated and birthed almost any vegetable, fruit or animal you can think of. I raised, harvested, slaughtered, processed, cooked, and plated my food. That’s farm-to-table. That might be a little much for most people but they are skills that you should know or at least be exposed to.

My job is to help you help you relearn the lost arts of growing, raising, sourcing, preparing, and storing your foods.

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