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Meet Paul & Amy

We’re the Doctor/Dietitian and Farmer/Chef dynamic duo! We treat our food like medicine, and by doing so we have been able to remain healthy, active, and happy as we enter the middle-age phase of our lives

Dr. Amy Beard is board-certified in Family Medicine, a dietitian, ER trained and is certified in Functional Medicine from the Institute for Functional Medicine. Her husband, Paul, has an engineering background from GA Tech and is an accomplished self-taught chef. Because of his career, he travelled extensively in the US, Europe and Asia experiencing food from around the world. While living in India as an Expat he studied and mastered vegetarian cooking from his personal chef and friend. Once retired from the corporate world he cooked at several restaurants in Aspen, CO. After several years in Aspen, he made his way back to his roots and farmed full-time on his 500-acre farm in NW Arkansas (grass-fed beef, poultry, sheep and goat; organic vegetables/herbs).

Together, Amy and Paul are THE experts in sourcing, growing/raising, preparing and plating food for optimal health. They offer complete farm-to-table knowledge with cutting-edge science to back it up!

What We Hope You’ll Learn

  • Ideas for simple, quick and nutritious meals and snacks (on a budget!).
  • The medicinal aspects of foods and herbs from a Functional Medicine perspective. (In other words, we want you to understand how food can help address and heal underlying imbalances that drive chronic health issues!).
  • Preparation techniques that increase nutrient bioavailability and decrease the problematic components (like lectins, for example).
  • How to prepare unfamiliar foods. A healthy diet is a diverse diet! Each food has its own unique nutrient composition. It’s important to consume a wide variety of foods to ensure adequate intake of essential micronutrients.
  • Ways to customize recipes to better accommodate your needs, preferences and health goals.

How it Works


A weekly menu will be posted to our Facebook Page and website (early morning).

Join us LIVE on Facebook @amybeardmd to discuss the menu. We’ll be talking and answering questions about…

  • How to make menu substitutions
  • How to customize the menu based on needs, preferences, and health goals
  • Tips on preparation, improving efficiency and storing foods
  • WHY you should eat these foods, from a Functional Medicine perspective
Saturdays + Sundays

Your days to shop and prep for the week!

Monday – Friday

Master your meals, maximize leftovers, and optimize your health! *Occasional Thursdays we will post a “Bougie Meal” video. These recipes may be more complicated, take a little more time to prepare and have ingredients that are less familiar to you. For the nights you want to “spice it up”, these will be great recipes to have on hand!

Where to Start

If you’re just getting started with us be sure and check out our:

  • Pantry List
  • Kitchen Equipment
  • Recommended Snacks!

Check out our Eat Like Us Introductory Video to learn more, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see upcoming episodes and access past ones!

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