Can we help you address your condition? Most likely, yes! We work with all ages and provide both acute and chronic care. So if you’re sick and need to be seen quickly, we can help. If you’ve been living unwell and want to get to the root cause, we can help!

We Work with All Ages

In addition to her certification in Functional Medicine, Dr. Beard is a board-certified Family Medicine physician. She is equipped to work with patients in every stage of life; from fertility to pregnancy to infants, children, adults and seniors.

We Work with All Chronic Conditions

All symptoms and diseases have a cause(s). The Functional Medicine approach is designed to uncover and address the cause(s) of symptoms and disease for the given individual. This requires looking beyond signs and symptoms to identify the fundamental imbalances in the body and what might be causing those imbalances. For this reason, Functional Medicine can be beneficial to anyone suffering chronic symptoms, whatever the diagnosis. Remember, two people with the same diagnosis might have different causes; and two people with different diseases may have developed them from the same environmental trigger! The list below is only a partial list of conditions that we address.

We Offer Acute Care

We offer 20-min appointments for things like: a suspected UTI, colds or flu-like illnesses, GI issues (diarrhea, constipation, heartburn), skin lesions and rashes, a positive COVID-19 test, a negative test (or no test) for COVID-19 but expressing symptoms, exposure to COVID-19 and would like to be prepared for treatment if symptoms occur, preventative measures and having a prescription on hand in case you are exposed or become symptomatic.

Let's Get to the Root Cause, Together.

Receive Getting the Gut Right, my detailed guide on how to take the first step toward reclaiming your health by addressing gut health and function.

Functional Medicine solutions, education and resources to empower you on your journey to abundant health.

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