Are you tired of sub-par solutions for your thyroid or hormone dysfunction?

We get you.

If you’ve been treated in the conventional model of medicine, you may have experienced some of the following short-comings.

You haven’t had the appropriate lab tests drawn.

Often times the only thyroid labs drawn are TSH and (maybe) T4, neglecting the overall function of the thyroid. Basic hormone panels also neglect upstream factors that impact hormonal balance.

You’ve had a practitioner rely too heavily on labs.

Symptoms matter too! Just because a physician says your labs are “normal”, yet you still feel sick, doesn’t mean you’re crazy. It means they haven’t looked deep enough, nor are they looking for the root causes of your thyroid and hormone dysfunction. 

You haven’t been told what the real problem is.

90-95% of hypothyroid patients actually have an autoimmune thyroid condition, but many clients either don’t know that or don’t know realize the pharmaceutical isn’t actually treating the issue. Also, thyroid and hormone dysfunction is a SYMPTOM of an upstream problem(s)–gut dysbiosis, leaky gut, food intolerances, excessive stress, high toxic burden, poor sleep, nutrient deficiencies, side effects of pharmaceuticals (prescription and over-the-counter meds), etc.

You’ve had insufficient treatment.

Simply prescribing a thyroid medication or hormone replacement is not enough. The thyroid and hormonal balance can and SHOULD be optimized through diet, nutrient status, toxin reduction, stress reduction, etc. TREAT THE ROOT CAUSE and eliminate the need for medications.

We offer in-depth investigation into the root cause issues, comprehensive strategies for helping you heal and tailored prescriptions to keep you feeling your very best.

Uncover and address the root cause(s) of your condition.

Thyroid and/or hormonal imbalances are symptoms of an upstream physiological issue, and our job is to find and address the cause(s). We investigate nutrient status, gut health, toxin exposures, lifestyle, chronic infections, stress response, and much, much more.

Get comprehensive lab panels in order to assess full thyroid and hormone function.

We may also use advanced specialty tests to assess other factors that may be contributing to the imbalance and dysfunction, such as nutrient deficiencies, cortisol levels, heavy metal toxicities, gut dysbiosis, gut permeability, etc.

Share your concerns and we’ll listen.

Your symptoms and concerns matter to us, and we tailor your plan with them in mind. If a client doesn’t feel well, we know there is more to investigate and try. We never brush off a concern simply because labs are “normal.” 

Implement a comprehensive, holistic plan.

Our recommendations address the multiple facets of lifestyle and environment that optimize thyroid function and hormonal balance, including: 

  • An outline of our primary physiological concerns, as discussed in your consultations
  • An individualized therapeutic nutrition plan complete with approved food lists, calorie and macronutrient recommendations (when appropriate) and extensive handouts & resources for implementing your plan
  • Recommendations for optimizing sleep
  • An exercise prescription detailing optimal frequency, intensity, duration and type
  • Stress management resources to help you identify the best ways to activate your relaxation response and facilitate restoration and healing
  • Toxin reduction recommendations based on your exposures
  • A personalized protocol or nutraceutical plan
  • Medication adjustment and weaning
  • Lab testing recommendations

Get a customized prescription.

When necessary, we work with clients to find the lowest effective dose of medication to optimize health. Furthermore, we use the data from our comprehensive lab panels to customize your prescription. We’ve partnered with Stanley Pharmacy to provide convenient, reliable and customized compounded prescriptions for our clients. 

  • Get the exact customized dose tailored specifically for your needs, every time. No more combining or cutting pills.
  • No additives, lactose, gluten, alpha gal proteins, fillers or dyes. 
  • We never run out, so you never have to switch a prescription that’s working well.
  • Your prescription will ship right to your door. 
  • **Prescriptions are only available for clients in Arkansas (or Mississippi with a PCP referral).

Our Process & Pricing

Most thyroid and hormone conditions are the result of underlying metabolic imbalances that have been at work for months, years, or even a lifetime. Uncovering and correcting those imbalances will require patience and commitment.

Getting Established as a New Client: $250-650

To set our new clients up for the greatest success, we utilize a team approach. New clients begin by purchasing a Functional Medicine Foundation Package ($250) and working with one of our consultants. At any point after the first consultation, clients in Arkansas and Mississippi may choose to work with Dr. Kinard to order labs and get a prescription. Dialing in a prescription and plan with Dr. Kinard generally requires two visits (each appt is 30 minutes for $200).

Due to current telemedicine regulations our clinicians cannot provide care for clients outside of Arkansas and Mississippi. With that said, our Functional Medicine Foundation Package and working with our health consultants is still the best place to start your Functional Medicine journey. Should you need to get input from a clinician, your consultant can help you find a certified Functional Medicine Clinician in your state. Our consultants can also help you implement other clinician’s recommendations with cost-effective follow-up consultations.

Follow-Ups for Prescription Management

Once stable, existing clients transition to 6-month follow-ups with Dr. Kinard for prescription management ($200 for 30 minutes). This visit includes:

  • Pre-ordering a comprehensive lab panel to determine prescription, diet, supplement & lifestyle recommendations
  • A 30-min consultation w/ Dr. Kinard to review your lifestyle and labs
  • Updated lifestyle & supplement recommendations based on your current lifestyle and lab results
  • Prescription management

Other Costs

As a part of your care plan, Dr. Kinard may recommend a therapeutic protocol & diet, nutraceutical supplements, lifestyle modifications and/or options for advanced diagnostic testing. The prices listed do not include the cost of lab testing, supplements, protocols, or additional consultations that may be recommended for thyroid and/or hormone optimization. 


For Labs

Clients in Arkansas and Mississippi (Mississippi clients require a referral) may use their insurance for standard labs. **Unfortunately, we cannot accept Medicare.** Please check with your insurance provider to understand your coverage and note that we are considered an out-of-network specialist. For clients who would prefer not to use insurance, we have negotiated very reasonable cash fee rates for many standard and advanced lab tests. We can provide these rates upon request.

For Consultations

Our consultation services are insurance free. Every dollar goes to your care, nothing is not lost in the third party payer system. We know it can be disappointing that we won’t accept your insurance, many of our clients felt the same way at first. Now they enjoy the peace of mind knowing exactly what their care will cost upfront. They also get exactly what they need as they are not limited by what insurance says they need or don’t need.

Many health savings accounts will cover our consultation fees and services. You may use your HSA or FSA for any of our services.

Required Documents for Prescription Management

To manage thyroid medication, we require clients provide documentation of the following annually:

  1. Comprehensive physical exam by your PCP
  2. EKG (12 lead)
  3. Signed “Consent to Treat” form (provided and discussed with Dr. Kinard)

To manage BHRT/bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, we require clients provide documentation of the following annually:

  1. Comprehensive physical exam (must include breast exam) by your PCP
  2. Mammography or thermography of breasts
  3. Signed “Consent to Treat” form (provided and discussed with Dr. Kinard)

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