Functional Medicine is a process, and we’re in this together.

Most chronic conditions are the result of underlying metabolic imbalances that have been at work for months, years, or even a lifetime. Uncovering and correcting those imbalances will require patience and commitment.

We offer two paths of care for clients to choose from based on budget, patience and complexity of health issues. The first path includes Functional Medicine Health Consultant visits only, while the second path incorporates clinical oversight and possible lab testing. In either path, clients work closely with a Functional Medicine Health Consultant, as they support the implementation of all aspects of your Care Plan and monitor your progress.

The first step for ALL new clients is undergoing a Health & Medical Investigation. So, if you’re unsure which path is best, we can help you weigh the options at the initial visit.

The Initial Health & Medical Investigation includes:

  • A 60-min online video-conferencing consultation with a Functional Medicine Health Consultant who has reviewed your comprehensive intake forms.
  • Additional investigation of your health history, medical and health timeline, lifestyle and environmental exposures, diet and nutritional status, stressors, sleep hygiene, and many, many other things.
  • Initial education on the underlying imbalances that may be contributing to your symptoms/ condition.
  • Initial recommendations and options for the next steps of your health optimization pathway.

Path 1:  Functional Medicine Health Consultations & Care Plan

Getting Started with Path 1 ($375)

  • 60-min Initial Health & Medical Investigation as outlined above – $150
  • Care Plan Development & a 60-min Care Plan Consultation – $225

Additional costs in this path may include:

  • Regular follow-up coaching consultations – $100-300/ month
  • Nutraceutical customization (costs vary)

Regular sessions with a Functional Medicine Health Consultant are excellent for clients needing to optimize the Functional Medicine lifestyle fundamentals: diet and gut health, exercise and movement, sleep, stress management, nutrient deficiencies, detoxification, and environmental toxin exposures. This can be a very cost effective way of addressing your health concerns, and many of our clients experience significant improvements when these areas are addressed.

At any point a client may request for Dr. Beard’s input and clinical oversight. Requesting clinical oversight would transition that client into Path 2.

Path 2: Functional Medicine Clinical Oversight & Team-Based Care

Getting Started with Path 2 ($875)

  • 60-min Initial Health & Medical Investigation as outlined above – $150
  • Clinical Review & Care Plan Package – $725
    • 60-min Consultation with a Functional Medicine Clinician
    • Dr. Beard’s case review & development of a team-based Care Plan
    • 60-min Care Plan Consultation w/ your Health Consultant

As a part of your comprehensive Care Plan, additional costs in this path may include:

  • Follow-up consultations with a Clinician and/or Health Consultant
  • Nutraceutical customization and/or medication management
  • A therapeutic protocol
  • Standard and/or specialty lab testing

Path 2 is best for more complicated cases or for clients that opt for a more aggressive approach to uncovering and addressing the root causes of complex chronic health issues. In addition to working with a Functional Medicine Health Consultant, this option includes working directly with a Functional Medicine Clinician with Dr. Beard’s clinical oversight.

From the information gathered during the initial health investigation, and any subsequent consultations with a Functional Medicine Health Consultant, Dr. Beard and the Functional Medicine Clinician complete a comprehensive case review. Clients then spend 60 minutes with their clinician for further investigation and collaboration to determine the best approach for uncovering and addressing the root causes of the client’s health issues. After this visit, the clinician and Dr. Beard create a comprehensive Care Plan that will be implemented by the Health Consultant.

The cost of the Care Plan is impacted by therapeutic protocols, nutraceutical supplementation, and lab testing, as well as the number of consultations/visits necessary to implement all recommendations.  

Average Cost of Implementing Your Care Plan in Path 2: $575-975 (without lab testing)

We find it advantageous to first address underlying lifestyle, diet and gut health issues with a therapeutic protocol prior to testing. In many cases, lab testing can be avoided when these key areas are addressed, as symptoms often improve and/or resolve. In some cases, however, we may need to further investigate with lab testing prior to, during, or after an initial protocol or lifestyle and diet modifications.

Cost of Lab Testing

Lab testing costs can vary greatly between clients. The range for standard labs alone is typically $200-300 (cash pricing). Specialty lab kits and panels can range from $200-$600, and sometimes these tests will need to be repeated to monitor progress. All lab tests require a 60-minute consultation with a Functional Medicine Clinician to review and discuss lab results. Our team will work with you to determine which tests, if any, will provide the most valuable information for the case. We always strive to avoid unnecessary testing.

Follow-Up Consultations

Additional consultations are available to further refine your Care Plan or for follow-ups at a later time. The consultation rates are listed below. 

  • Follow-Ups with a Health Consultant
    • 40 min = $100
    • 50 min = $125  
    • 60 min = $150
  • Follow-Ups with a Functional Medicine Clinician
    • 30 min = $200
    • 60 min = $350
    • **60 min with your clinician and Dr. Beard = $550

**Working directly with our Functional Medicine Health Consultants and Clinicians and utilizing Dr. Beard’s expertise for case reviews and recommendations is the most cost effective way to successfully meet your Functional Medicine needs and goals. With that said, Dr. Beard is available to join 60-minute videoconferencing follow-ups with you and your clinician for those that would prefer to have her involved face-to-face. As previously mentioned, her oversight is present in all clinical cases, but we recognize in some cases clients prefer she be included in the conversation with their clinician.

Insurance for Consultations & Labs

We do not accept insurance for our consultations, nor can clients bill insurance independently. Due to the current insurance model, there are no appropriate codes for reimbursement of our services. However, many health savings accounts will cover our consultation fees and services.

Clients in Arkansas and Mississippi (Mississippi clients require a referral) may use their insurance for standard labs. Please check with your insurance provider to understand your coverage and note that we are considered an out-of-network specialist. For clients outside of these states, or clients who would prefer not to use insurance, we have negotiated very reasonable cash fee rates for many standard and advanced lab tests. We can provide these rates upon request.

HSA & FSA Accounts

You may use your HSA or FSA for any of our services.

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