Is Dr. Beard accepting new clients?

Yes – Dr. Beard and her consultants are accepting new clients. Our practice is 100% online. All clients are seen via our HIPAA-compliant video-conferencing platform, Zoom. 

*If you are not a resident of Arkansas, an in-person visit with one of our clinicians is required if you want Dr. Beard to directly oversee your care. Utilizing our Health Coaching services only does NOT require an in-person meeting. We encourage clients to start with our Health Coaching services. Many chronic conditions can be resolved or greatly improved by meeting with our Functional Medicine Health Consultants and using condition-specific programs and protocols developed by Dr. Beard.

Expert treatment plans. Top-notch coaching & implementation. Cost-effective care.

The new gold standard for long-term health success.

In the current Functional Medicine model, patients spend most of their time consulting with a clinician, and minimal time with a health coach or nutritionist (if any!). However, both research and clinical practice are finding this model ineffective for long-term patient success in preventing and reversing chronic issues for several reasons:

  • Chronic illnesses are often multifactorial, with several lifestyle and environmental factors triggering and/or mediating the problem.
  • Behavior change is the primary requirement for preventing and reversing chronic illness. Information alone, even from an “expert,” is sorely ineffective in helping people make the changes needed for healing. 
  • Clinicians do not have the time or training to help clients implement behavior changes. 

To achieve the best possible outcomes, Dr. Beard utilizes highly-trained health coaches she has mentored to consult with clients and assist them in the implementation of her care plan recommendations. They are her eyes and ears, trained to gather necessary information,  implement care plan recommendations, and help clients overcome any barriers to resolving chronic health issues and achieving optimal health. 

This model allows Dr. Beard time for research and development of comprehensive care plans while providing important oversight of clients’ care.  Dr. Beard’s Functional Medicine Health Consultants are unique in that they:

  • Are closely mentored by Dr. Beard and well-versed in her therapeutic protocols. 
  • Are trained in coaching techniques and best practices in supporting behavior change. 
  • Each bring extensive expertise and experience beyond their health coach training. (You can read their bios here).
  • Can spend more time with clients explaining complex plans, focusing on habit formation and reversal.

The Process of Working with Our Clinic

Step 1: Click here to request new client paperwork.

Step 2: Schedule and complete your Initial Health & Medical Investigation with one of Dr. Beard’s Functional Medicine Health Consultants. 

About the Initial Health & Medical Investigation:

  • A 60-min online video-conferencing consultation with a Functional Medicine Health Consultant who has reviewed your comprehensive intake forms.
  • Additional investigation of your health history, medical and health timeline, lifestyle and environmental exposures, diet and nutritional status, stressors, sleep hygiene, etc. 
  • Initial education on the underlying imbalances that may be contributing to your symptoms/ condition. 

Step 3: Care Plans with or without Dr. Beard’s oversight. Dr. Beard will review your health history and investigation notes, and in discussion with your health consultant, develop a comprehensive care plan for your treatment. For those opting for care plans with Dr. Beard’s oversight a 20 minute online appointment with a clinician is also included as part of the care plan.

About Dr. Beard’s Comprehensive Care Plans:

  • Dr. Beard reviews each client’s extensive health history forms and notes from the initial investigation in order to provide comprehensive recommendations. 
  • Care plans are typically outlined for 60 days at a time and adjusted, as needed, depending on how you progress and as indicated by any lab results. 
  • Care plans may include lab recommendations, therapeutic protocols, nutraceutical supplementation, along with detailed lifestyle and dietary interventions.

Step 4: Meet with your Functional Medicine Health Consultant to review Dr. Beard’s recommendations and plan.

About the Care Plan Consultation:

  • A 60-minute online video-conferencing with your Functional Medicine Health Consultant. 
  • Dr. Beard’s care plan will be discussed at length during this session to make sure you understand the strategy, suggested labs, next steps and overall game plan.

Step 5: Follow-up appointments with your health consultant to implement recommendations, assess progress and adjust plan. 

Your health consultant is your main contact while you work with our clinic. Depending on your needs and preferences, you may choose to have Dr. Beard provide continued oversight of your case, or you may work solely with your consultant on your plan. Should you choose Dr. Beard’s continued oversight, your consultant with meet with Dr. Beard to discuss and refine your plan after every appointment.

Consultations with Dr. Beard

Working directly with our Functional Medicine Health Consultants and utilizing Dr. Beard’s expertise for case reviews and recommendations is the most cost effective way to successfully meet your Functional Medicine needs and goals. With that said, Dr. Beard offers limited availability for clients who would like to discuss their lab results and/or care plan strategy in greater detail. 


We often find it advantageous to first address underlying lifestyle, diet, and gut health issues with therapeutic protocols prior to testing. In many cases, lab testing can be avoided when these key areas are addressed, as symptoms often improve and/or resolve. In some cases, however, we may need to further investigate with lab testing prior to, during, or after an initial protocol or lifestyle and diet modifications.

Does Dr. Beard Accept Insurance? HSA? FSA?

We do not accept insurance for our consultations, nor can clients bill insurance independently. Due to the current insurance model, there are no appropriate codes for reimbursement of our services. However, many health savings accounts will cover our consultation fees and services. You may use your HSA or FSA for any of our services.

Clients in Arkansas and Mississippi (Mississippi clients require a referral) may use their insurance for standard labs. **Unfortunately, we are unable to accept Medicare.** Please check with your insurance provider to understand your coverage and note that we are considered an out-of-network specialist. For clients outside of these states, or clients who would prefer not to use insurance, we have negotiated very reasonable cash fee rates for many standard and advanced lab tests. We can provide these rates upon request.

Cost of Consultations & Labs

  • Initial Health and Medical Investigation: $150, 60 minutes with a Functional Medicine Health Consultant
  • Dr. Beard’s Case Review & Care Plan Consultation with your consultant: $475, 60 minutes with a Functional Medicine Health Consultant
  • Follow-ups with your consultant: $100, 40 minutes
  • Follow-ups with your consultant (with Dr. Beard’s oversight): $175, 40 minutes

Lab testing costs can vary greatly between clients. The range for standard labs alone is typically $200-300 (cash pricing). Specialty lab kits and panels can range from $200-$600, and sometimes these tests will need to be repeated to monitor progress. Our team will work with you to determine which tests, if any, will provide the most valuable information for the case. We always strive to avoid unnecessary testing.

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