Our practice is 100% online. All clients are seen via our HIPAA-compliant video-conferencing platform, Zoom. 

Functional Medicine is highly personalized, so there is no “one-cost-fits-all.” However, we find most clients have immense success investing in our Functional Medicine Foundation Package and the recommended treatment plan. We are looking out after your pocket book. This model is much less expensive than other Functional Medicine models.

What is a Functional Medicine Consultant & why do I meet with them first?

Who They Are

Dr. Beard’s Functional Medicine Consultants are highly-trained, certified health coaches with whom she maintains a close mentor relationship. Each brings extensive expertise and experience beyond their health coach training. (You can read their bios here). 

What They Do

A Functional Medicine Consultant will: 

  • Help you investigate the possible root cause(s) and clinical imbalances contributing to symptoms and disease.
  • Assist you in lifestyle and dietary changes.
  • Guide you through one of Dr. Beard’s therapeutic protocols.
  • Provide accountability, support and tools for lasting change.

Why Does Dr. Beard Use Them?

Dr. Beard has experienced time and time again that her clients have more success when they spend more time with a coach than with a clinician. (Both research and clinical practice agree, most physicians just haven’t caught up yet!). Her advanced protocols, diet & lifestyle recommendations are the primary tools we use for preventing and reversing chronic illness, all of which can be administered by her consultants.

Dr. Beard’s mission is to make Functional Medicine accessible and affordable for anyone from anywhere. In addition to being the most effective model for patient success, this is also the most cost-effective.

Will I also work with a Functional Medicine Clinician?

Most of our clients accomplish a significant amount of progress working solely with our Functional Medicine Consultants, who rely heavily on Dr. Beard’s mentorship and protocols. This process is more comprehensive and more cost-effective than other Functional Medicine practices.  

During your first consultation, your consultant will help you decide if and when you may benefit from working directly with a Functional Medicine Clinician. This becomes necessary when clients need high level discussions of complex health issues, testing interpretations, long-term strategies, and oversight of pharmaceutical management. 

Residents of Arkansas may utilize one of our Functional Medicine Clinicians if and when assistance is needed beyond what a Functional Medicine Consultant can provide.

Non-Residents of Arkansas

Due to current telemedicine regulations our clinicians cannot provide care for clients outside of Arkansas. With that said, our Functional Medicine Foundation Package and working with our health consultants is still the best place to start your Functional Medicine journey. Should you need to get input from a clinician, your consultant can help you find a certified Functional Medicine Clinician in your state. Our consultants can also help you implement other clinician’s recommendations with cost-effective follow-up consultations.

How to Get Started

Step 1

Click here to request new client paperwork.

Step 2

Click here to purchase the Functional Medicine Foundation Package and schedule your first consultation with one of Dr. Beard’s Functional Medicine Consultants. 

Functional Medicine Foundation Package – $250

This package includes 2, 60-minute consultations with a Functional Medicine Consultant and a comprehensive care plan document outlining our recommendations.

  • A 60-min Initial Health & Medical Investigation
  • A comprehensive & personalized care plan outlining treatment recommendations
  • A 60-min Care Plan Consultation to discuss implementation of recommendations

During these visits, your Functional Medicine Consultant will help you…

  • Identify the probable root cause(s) of your symptoms from your health history, lifestyle and environment
  • Understand how those triggers have created physiological imbalances within your body
  • Develop a personalized, comprehensive strategy for addressing each trigger and imbalance
  • Consider if and when you should work directly with a Functional Medicine Clinician
  • Understand advanced Functional Medicine testing options and when they might be helpful

Step 3

Implement Your Treatment Plan

As a part of your Functional Medicine Foundation Package, you will receive a comprehensive care plan. All of our consultants are mentored closely by Dr. Beard and utilize her expertise when developing plans.  We tell clients to anticipate treatment plans to cost around $500-700, although our team is happy to help you modify your plan to make it more affordable if needed.

Follow-ups with a Functional Medicine Consultant are available as needed.

  • 40-Min Follow-Up Consultation, $100
  • Package of 2, 40-Min Follow-Ups, $150


Many of our clients have tremendous success investing in our Functional Medicine Foundation Package and the recommended treatment plan without the need for lab testing. Our team will work with you to determine which tests, if any, will provide the most valuable information for the case. We always strive to avoid unnecessary testing. Lab testing costs can vary greatly between clients. The range for standard labs alone is typically $200-300 (cash pricing). Specialty lab kits and panels can range from $200-$400, and sometimes these tests will need to be repeated to monitor progress. 


Our practice is insurance free. Every dollar goes to your care, nothing is not lost in the third party payer system. We know it can be disappointing that we won’t accept your insurance, many of our clients felt the same way at first. Now they enjoy the peace of mind knowing exactly what their care will cost upfront. They also get exactly what they need as they are not limited by what insurance says they need or don’t need.

Many health savings accounts will cover our consultation fees and services. You may use your HSA or FSA for any of our services.

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