Getting to the Root Cause of Chronic Symptoms & Conditions

Meet with Dr. Beard and she will analyze your health history to help you determine how to best utilize our Functional Medicine services for your needs and budget. She will start your medical investigation to understand your needs and to help you navigate our appointment options, standard and specialty labs, supplements, prescription management, and self-directed protocols. The goal is to get you started on the right health path as quickly as possible. We have options for every budget! 

“Functional Medicine determines how and why illness occurs and restores health by addressing the root causes of disease for each individual.” – Institute of Functional Medicine, >> Read more about what Functional Medicine is here.

Who We Work With

All Ages

In addition to her certification in Functional Medicine, Dr. Beard is a board-certified Family Medicine physician and a dietician. She is equipped to work with patients in every stage of life; from fertility to pregnancy to infants, children, adults and seniors.

All Chronic Conditions

All symptoms and diseases have a cause(s). The Functional Medicine approach is designed to uncover and address the cause(s) of symptoms and disease for the given individual. This requires looking beyond signs and symptoms to identify the fundamental imbalances in the body and what might be causing those imbalances. For this reason, Functional Medicine can be beneficial to anyone suffering chronic symptoms, whatever the diagnosis. Remember, two people with the same diagnosis might have different causes; and two people with different diseases may have developed them from the same environmental trigger!

All Over the United States (and World!)

Our practice is 100% online. All clients are seen via our HIPAA-compliant video-conferencing platform, Zoom. 

Arkansas Residents

Residents of Arkansas may use all of our services and use insurance to pay for standard labs. 

Non Arkansas Residents

Non Arkansas Residents may meet virtually with Dr. Beard for an initial visit to navigate the best option for their care and then utilize our Functional Medicine coaches to implement a plan. Most of our clients accomplish a significant amount of progress working solely with our Functional Medicine Consultants, who rely heavily on Dr. Beard’s mentorship and protocols.

Due to current telemedicine regulations, Non Arkansas Residents may utilize our Functional Medicine Physician’s only if they establish care with one time in-person visit. Out of state patients can then use our telemedicine services for subsequent appointments. Working with a physician becomes necessary when clients need high level discussions of complex health issues, testing interpretations, long-term strategies, and oversight of pharmaceutical management. Should you need/want to work with a physcian, you can establish care with Dr. Beard with an in-person appointment in Arkansas, or your consultant can help you find a certified Functional Medicine Clinician in your state. If you are from out of state and interested in an in-person appointment to establish care, please fill out a contact form here.

Become a Functional Medicine Client

*Completing all new client forms and having a “First Step” appointment with Dr. Beard establishes you as a patient of our practice (see Steps 1 & 2 below). Established patients are guaranteed access to our acute care appointments within 24-48 hours. Even if you don’t need or want Functional Medicine services at this time, we highly recommend becoming an established patient if you plan to use our acute care services.

Step 1

Complete all of the forms and information on the New Client Checklist on the portal homepage. Any appointments scheduled without completed paperwork will be canceled immediately.

Step 2

In your first visit, Dr. Beard will help you determine how to best utilize our services for your needs and budget. Functional Medicine is highly personalized, so there is no “one-plan-fits-all” or “one-cost-fits-all.” Dr. Beard will help you navigate our appointment options, standard and specialty labs, supplements, prescription management, and self-directed protocols. We have options for every budget! 


Many of our clients have tremendous success completing an initial treatment plan without the need for lab testing. Our team will work with you to determine which tests, if any, will provide the most valuable information for the case. We always strive to avoid unnecessary testing. Lab testing costs can vary greatly between clients. The range for standard labs alone is typically $200-300 (cash pricing). Specialty lab kits and panels can range from $200-$400, and sometimes these tests will need to be repeated to monitor progress. 


Our practice is insurance free. Every dollar goes to your care, nothing is not lost in the third party payer system. We know it can be disappointing that we won’t accept your insurance, many of our clients felt the same way at first. Now they enjoy the peace of mind knowing exactly what their care will cost upfront. They also get exactly what they need as they are not limited by what insurance says they need or don’t need.

Many health savings accounts will cover our consultation fees and services. You may use your HSA or FSA for any of our services.

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