How My Practice Works

I use a team approach when helping patients. My team includes experienced functional medicine certified practitioners and health coaches. We work with our patients during their entire care plan so that they can successfully heal. Since we are working to heal chronic, deeply rooted health issues, most clients should expect to spend a minimum of 3 months working with us to resolve their chronic health issues. But, the amount of time needed to resolve one’s health issues depends on the complexity of their case, compliance, and engagement. 

It is My Ministry to make Functional Medicine accessible and more affordable for motivated individuals seeking to restore their health. That’s why we are Less Expensive than Other Practices

My practice is about a third of the cost of other functional medicine practices that have comparable credentials. I personally mentor my clinicians and coaches and provide oversight on all clients. Our team approach is what allows me to offer clients maximum support at a more affordable price.

All Appointments Are Online via Zoom

Physical access to properly trained and experienced functional medicine physicians and practitioners is an issue across the country. There simply aren’t that many of us, and many require in-person visits, which can require extensive commuting and missing work. I enjoy offering the flexibility of online appointments to my clients (and getting to know them from the comfort of their home!). 

I Value Education, Experience, and Continued Learning

My skills are unique. I am a certified functional medicine physician who is board certified in Family Medicine, a dietitian, and also ER trained. I have practiced in multiple healthcare arenas within the medical system–emergency departments, mental health and urgent care facilities, cardiac rehab programs, and private practice/concierge medicine. I’ve learned a lot. My professional and personal health journey led me to pursuing functional medicine certification and opening my own functional medicine practice. Additionally, all of my clinicians and coaches are highly educated (in both formal schooling AND functional medicine programs), have proven to be exemplary and empathic professionals, and are personally mentored by me. 

Your Health Investment

Your health is an investment. Our goal is to not only uncover, address, and resolve your chronic health issues, but to also empower you with the knowledge you need to be your own health advocate, no longer be dependent upon the medical system and pharmaceuticals, and live a happier and healthier life. We don’t want repeat customers.  

Come Ready to Participate for 3-6 Months

We generally work in 3-month increments, and about 80% of our clients only need three months to be well on their way to resolving their symptoms. The two programs outlined below meet the needs of almost all of our patients. (There are always the rare exceptions.) The decision on which plan you will need is discussed during your “First Step” appointment. 

While many of our patients begin to feel significant improvements within a few weeks after implementing their health plan, long-term improvements and habit changes may require a little more patience. You simply cannot rush the body’s healing and rebalancing capacity. There are no short-cuts and no magic supplements. It has likely taken years, if not decades to bring about your current state of health and chronic issues. Our most successful clients come willing and motivated to make long-term diet and lifestyle changes. Keep in mind, the return on this investment is HUGE! 

One proven way to shorten your time under our care and jumpstart your healing journey, is to walk through Dr. Beard’s Live Well Course and Planner before becoming a patient with us. It is a three month Planner that you will use to assess and track your current health and growth over time. It also teaches you the 12 Functional Medicine Fundamentals that you will begin implementing. The course is 13 online modules where you will learn, at your own pace, wisdom from Dr. Beard and her husband, Paul, about each each fundamental and hear their expert advice and Functional Medicine tips. Grab your copy of Live Well here and get started for only $90!

“90% of most patients’ problems are a result of their daily lifestyle choices. This program is a part of what we use at our practice, and hundreds and hundreds of patients have overcome their health problems after implementing these foundational principles without the need for a single pharmaceutical or procedure.”

Consultations & Other Investments

Initial “First Step” Appointment $300
3-Month Personalized Program – $1900

After your initial “First Step” health investigation, most clients are prescribed a three-month therapeutic program. The details of each plan are very patient specific, but will likely address gut health optimization, diet modifications, stress management and HPA axis support; movement and exercise, restorative sleep and sleep hygiene, nature and sun exposure, toxic burden reduction and detoxification support, mitochondria support, and possibly lab testing.

This personalized protocol includes seven appointments with a health coach and continual physician oversight by Dr.Beard. Health coaches serve a vital role in this process, they are the “eyes and ears” for Dr. Beard.  Not only are they experts in implementing Dr. Beard’s protocols but also in supporting behavior changes along with identifying and overcoming lifestyle hurdles. Dr. Beard meets with your health coach weekly to evaluate progress, make adjustments and provide guidance if any issues arise. The health coaches also have access to Dr. Beard and the other practitioners at any time to discuss concerns that need to be addressed in a timely manner. 

Utilizing health coaches combined with physician oversight is an extremely efficient way to implement functional medicine treatment plans.

  • For very simple cases or patients who have been working with a Functional Medicine doctor already, we do have a 3 month $900 program that can be discussed during your Exploratory Call, but this is an exception and will be determined by the doctor in your First Step appointment to see if it is the best course of action for your care.
Additional Practitioner Appointments

Patients on multiple medications and/or with complicated medical histories typically require two additional appointments with either Dr. Beard or one of the other practitioners during the three month program (~$400-600). Medication weaning and management requires more intensive oversight.


You cannot supplement your way to good health, but we often recommend patient specific supplementation in conjunction with lifestyle changes. We tend to be conservative and strategic with supplement recommendations. Our long-term goal with supplements is the same as with prescriptions…we want you on as few as possible long-term. That said, most patients benefit significantly from strategic supplementation. Most patients can expect to spend between $300-$700 on supplements over the course of three months. Again, we use a conservative approach when it comes to supplementation. This is often not the case with most other functional medicine practices.


We use labs conservatively and do not upcharge for any labs we order.

Many Functional Medicine practices are quick to order multiple expensive specialty testing right from the get-go with a significant upcharge. We have a different philosophy. As with supplementation, we are also conservative with the ordering of specialty testing and standard labs. Yes, testing can be very valuable and we utilize it when necessary. However, we find that the use of expensive testing can often be avoided when an in-depth medical and health history is obtained. This will be done during your First Step appointment. 

Experience is the key. An experienced practitioner who acquires a proper medical and health history and who can recognize key symptoms tends not to rely so heavily on testing, especially when the test results will have little impact on the plan of action. It’s also important to note that we DO NOT upcharge for any labs we order. Our cost is your cost. Please expect to spend between $100 – $400 over the course of three months. Complex patients may need to spend more. **Some patients desire additional testing beyond what we recommend, and we have no issue with ordering the desired tests. 

Arkansas residents vs out-of-state residents

We work with clients from all over the country, but there is a slightly different path for non-Arkansas residents. Everyone starts with a First Step appointment no matter where you live. Due to telemedicine laws, non-Arkansas residents are not eligible for medication management or physician oversight unless they come to Arkansas for a one time in-person appointment with Dr. Beard. Instead, non-Arkansas residents work exclusively with a health coach on implementing their personalized program. Most of our out-of-state clients make great progress working with just our health coaches and never need to come in for the in-person appointment. For those who need the support of a Functional Medicine clinician, your health coach can help you make arrangements to visit Dr. Beard.  

Get Started

Please use the button above to schedule a meeting with our Patient Liaison to see if we are a good fit for you, and if you are a good fit for our practice. We don’t accept all patients.  We don’t want to waste anyone’s time or money if you are not a good fit. Once accepted as a patient, you will receive a link via email to create your patient portal (chart) and to schedule your “First Step” appointment.


Our practice is insurance free. Every dollar goes to your care, nothing is not lost in the third party payer system. We know it can be disappointing that we won’t accept your insurance, many of our clients felt the same way at first. Now they enjoy the peace of mind knowing exactly what their care will cost upfront. They also get exactly what they need as they are not limited by what insurance says they need or don’t need.

Many health savings accounts will cover our consultation fees and services. You may use your HSA or FSA for any of our services.

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