2nd Opinion Consultations

These appointments are suitable for speaking to Dr. Beard about strategies for current health issues or general health-related topics. These appointments should NOT be used for an acute illness or in lieu of our Functional Medicine services for chronic symptoms or conditions. 

This appointment is best for speaking with Dr. Beard about recommended treatments or procedures, or strategies for long-term health goals. Dr. Beard does not diagnose or treat during these appointments. Dr. Beard does not design a comprehensive set of recommendations after this appointment. If you are interested in a personalized plan, please see our Functional Medicine services page.

About the Appointment

  • .Appointments are 20-minutes ($200) or 40-minutes ($400) with Dr. Beard via Zoom.
  • One person’s medical questions per appointment. Spouses or family members may join the zoom call, but anyone else seeking care needs to make a separate appointment.
  • You do not need to be a current client to schedule.

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